• Staff Solutions, LLC is a family owned and operated local staffing firm with over 20 years experience in providing quality temporary staffing for the Memphis area and community. Reggie Smith and his staff at Staff Solutions expertise lies in the staffing of production, distribution, manufacturing, and warehouse labor. We also provide services for clerical staff and warehouse management  with temp-to-hire options. We have the experience and ability to recruit and provide your company with experienced, qualified staff in only a moments notice. We also offer a guarantee on our employees, if you are not completely satisfied after the first day, the service of our employee's first day is on us. What do you have to lose then? Go ahead and give Staffing Solutions a call today at (901) 365-2699. Are you an employee looking for work? Please call (901) 365-7300 or e-mail resume to: reggie@staffsoutionsmemphis.com. Please include contact information.

The Benefits?

Ask our clients what made them choose Staff Solutions and you’re likely to get many different answers. There’s one thing they’ll all agree upon; we deliver outstanding results in record time. All while saving your company valuable time and money.  Reggie Smith and his staff will give your company individual and flexible service depending on your personal needs. Our company works closely with our clients to develop the perfect staffing plan. Unlike the mega corporate staffing companies that are usually one size fits all type of service, we go the extra mile and offer flexibility for our clients and will work around their personal needs. Staff Solutions, LLC can provide you with the perfect plan and strategy to stream line production for your company's own requirements. We want to help you, so give us a call today.    

Our Services.



There are a great number of benefits in using a temporary staff. The first and foremost is reducing your company's payroll expenses by adding a staff only when needed like during seasonal fluctuations. However, the benefits of using a temporary staff are endless. We will help reduce stress and cost during peak demand periods, short term projects, staffing shortages, hiring freezes, and when full time employees are out on vacations or leave of absence.  When you choose to hire through temporary staffing firms, you can test drive the employee before making the decision to hire and the staffing firm assumes all recruitment costs. Using a staffing firm, like Staff Solutions, can also can help improve your companies bottom line by saving you expenses of paying benefits, healthcare, and hiring cost.